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How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them

What if there was a way to combat climate change that didn't require technological breakthroughs, carbon taxes or eliminating all fossil fuels? 

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The Healthtech Podcast: The Story of Better Therapeutics with CEO, Kevin Appelbaum, and Co-Founder and Chairman, David Perry

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Life Science Leader Roundtable: Taking A Life Science Company Public During A Pandemic

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Why soil is disappearing from farms

The dirt beneath our feet is getting poorer and on many farms worldwide, there is less and less of it.


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Indigo Ag Is the No. 1 Company on the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 List

Lora Kolodny on how Indigo Ag is out to feed the world and help farmers make a good living...


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Indigo Forays into Logistics; Launches App to Streamline Supply Chain

Indigo Ag, one of the most well-capitalized startups in the area, is foraying into the $7.5B...

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A Designer Seed Company is Building a Farming Panopticon

"Most agricultural research is done in small field trials that don't do a good job of...

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Indigo Ag CEO Wants to Change Economics for Farmers with a 'Revolution in Agriculture'

Jim Cramer sits down with Indigo Agriculture CEO David Perry to see how the CNBC Disruptor is...

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Let's Talk Medtech: Better Therapeutics Co-Founder Speaks on SPACs and the Growing PDT Market


Better Therapeutics to Become Publicly Traded Prescription Digital Therapeutics Company via Merger with Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp. II

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David Perry appears on AgriTalk

The hosts of the popular podcast AgriTalk sat down with David Perry to discuss the company's...


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Why Indigo Is the Most Innovative Company in the World

David Perry appears on CNBC Squawk Box after Indigo was ranked #1 on the 2019 Disruptor 50...


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Uber-Like Solution for Farm Shipments Connects Grains to Empty Trucks

Indigo Ag Inc. is looking to shake up the world of agricultural freight with a platform that...

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Indigo Ag Lands Massive New Investment as it Pushes New Farming Practices

In Charlestown's former Hood dairy plant, just outside downtown Boston, an unusual venture is...

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Scientists Want to Replace Pesticides with Bacteria

Indigo's microbes could help change Big Agriculture forever...

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BioReport Podcast: Using a Digital Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Treat Diabetes and Heart Disease


Could paying farmers to sequester carbon reverse climate change?

Up to a trillion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) would need to be pulled from the air by 2100...

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This is a $15 trillion opportunity for farmers to fight climate change

Indigo announced the launch of a sweeping carbon sequestration project, The Terraton...


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Food, Beverage Giants Working with Growers to Cultivate Next-Gen Ag Practices

Anheuser-Busch partnership will produce more efficient rice-growing practices, while General...​


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What the CEO of a $3.5B AgTech Company Does to Think Creatively

"I make decisions so that I don't get interrupted during the day," David Perry tells CNBC Make...

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Indigo Raises $250M, Launches Marketplace to Help Farmers Get Paid for Quality Grain

Indigo, the startup bringing algorithms and machine learning to the agricultural industry, has...

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